Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Quest For '60: #465 N.Y. Yankees Coaches

It's been too long since I had an update on my progress with completing my Dad's 1960 Topps set - but this is a great way to dive back into the fold!

For just a few dollars, I was able to cross this one off the 'want list' and it's a beauty.   Sure, a banana yellow doesn't necessarily enhance the floating Yankee heads......but they are Yankee floating heads so there is a lot for me to enjoy here.

This is a great collection of Yankee royalty!   As the card back points out, Crosetti was a 2x All-Star shortstop and won......wait for it......17 World Series titles while playing on teams with Ruth, Gehrig and DiMaggio.   Did you know he hit ONE home run in all of his World Series' appearances?   Sure did - and he belted it off of the Cubs' Dizzy Dean to give the Yanks a lead in Game 2 of the '38 Series.   Bill Dickey, a Navy man in World War II, was an 11x All-Star catcher that set the standard for golden-age catchers.   He was elected to the Hall of Fame, but he only won 14 Series titles.   Womp, womp.


Ralph Houk was an Army hero during World War II and returned home to both successfully play and manage the game for many years.   He kept the troops together during that magical summer of '61 and later relinquished the reigns to his catcher, Yogi Berra after the '63 season.   Ed Lopat won 5 titles with the Yanks and was an All-Star in 1951.   He was considered one of the "Big Three" for the Bombers' rotation, along with Allie Reynolds and Vic Raschi. 

Considering all of this, I'd have to say that this collection of floating heads might be immune to ANY color Topps might have splashed around them!

And the back:

A great card and this one was in really good shape, too.   I'm thrilled to be that much closer to finishing my Quest for '60.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Floating heads are one of the weirdest things Topps ever came up with but as you said, they are royalty. Card looks to be in great condition.