Monday, March 10, 2014

My Jagielo Collection - 2013 Bowman Sterling Certified Autograph


My Eric Jagielo collection has grown.   Kicked off a couple (few?) weeks ago with my first "1/1" Jagielo printing plate, I have now acquired a second autograph of the Irish Yankee from the Bowman Sterling set - here's a look at a very well slanted, on-card signature :)

The card is simple but sweet and the cold metallic theme of this Sterling design works well with the manly color scheme of the New York Yankees.

Yes, their full name for effect.   Here's the back:

I did not know that Jagielo was only the 3rd Irish player to be a first rounder?   Let's see...was it Jeff Counsel?  Was it Yaz? Who were the other two, I wonder?   I need to look this up!

Welcome to the PC!

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  1. Very nice pickup. Looks like I have some nice competition for Jagielo cards :).