The WANT List (Players, Who & What I collect)

Outside of completing my sets, this is "who" I collect - favorite players, record-holder groups, teams or just pieces of cardboard that I feel like I need!

The Player Collections

- Anthony Rizzo
- Don Mattingly
- David Robertson
- Craig Kimbrel
- Freddie Freeman
- Eric Jagielo

I'll accept or probably be willing to trade for just about any cards of these players - base, insert, parallel, relic, serial numbered, 1/1's, auto's......or whatever they come up with next.   I have a lot of Mattingly cards from my childhood collecting period ('84-'92) but I know there are plenty of gaps to fill in!   I missed out on his last few playing years AND almost all of his post-playing days releases.    I don't have a lot of Robertsons and that needs to change!   Same thing for my two favorite Bravos: Fab Freddie & Kimbrel - I only have a few and there's room to grow.

Welcome, Anthony Rizzo!   At the time of this update, I have only two Rizzo cards - '12 Allen & Ginter (base) and a 2013 Gypsy Queen mini.   Wide open.

500 Home Run Club Bat Cards

Yeah...I know.   All the easy ones are left!

Barry Bonds - HAVE
Hank Aaron
Babe Ruth
Willie Mays
Ken Griffey Jr. - HAVE
Alex Rodriguez
Sammy Sosa - HAVE
Jim Thome - HAVE
Frank Robinson - HAVE
Mark McGwire
Harmon Killebrew
Rafael Palmeiro - HAVE
Reggie Jackson
Manny Ramirez - HAVE
Mike Schmidt - HAVE
Mickey Mantle
Jimmie Foxx
Ted Williams
Willie McCovey
Frank Thomas - HAVE
Ernie Banks
Eddie Mathews
Mel Ott
Gary Sheffield - HAVE
Eddie Murray - HAVE

Top Cards

I'm fine-tuning this list.  

These are cards that I really want in my collection, for various reasons.   Some of the vintage might be a bit of a $tretch but you need to have dreams.   Others might be iconic or rookie cards of players I admire, like Dale Murphy's 1977 Topps rookie card OR it might be a card I had always drooled over as a kid (hey there, Jose!).   Lots of times, obtaining one of these cards (like the Murph) will translate into a set-building opportunity.   Just ask Mr. 1978 Eddie Murray!

- 1909-11 T206 #297                            Jack Quinn
- 1933 Goudey #91                               Tom Zachary
- 1953 Bowman Color #33                   Pee Wee Reese
- 1953 Bowman Black and White #39 Casey Stengel
- 1953 Topps #135                              Al Rosen
- 1971 Topps #5                                  Thurman Munson RC
- 1975 Topps #223                              Robin Yount RC
- 1975 Topps #228                              George Brett RC
- 1975 Topps #616                              Jim Rice RC
- 1976 Topps #98                                Dennis Eckersley RC
- 1977 Topps #473                              Andre Dawson RC
- 1977 Topps #476                              Dale Murphy RC
- 1985 Donruss #295                           Don Mattingly
- 1986 Donruss #39                             Jose Canseco RC

The Teams   



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