Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Braves Collection - 2013 Panini Evan Gattis "Home Town Heores" RC

El Oso Blanco!

I can't wait to see what Gattis has in store for us this season.   He smashed his was through an amazing April and May last year while McCann and Freddie battled through various injuries and recoveries.....he won me over instantaneously as I observed during the first time Is aw him bat - "hey, he's not wearing any gloves?!"

Much respect.   My hands sweat like a....well, I would have to wear gloves.

Gattis' journey from everyday working man to big league star is a lot of fun and keeps some hope alive for lots of young aspiring ball players.   His potential every-day contributions also keep the hope alive that the Braves might, might one day make it back to the Series and bring another title home to Atlanta.   Lord knows they are well overdue and nothing would send me into a baseballgasm faster than another Yankee-Braves Series.

Oh, you didn't know the Yanks were Series-bound this year?

Sorry - back to Gattis.  And this Panini Home Town Heroes card.   It's simple but I like it.   It's not licensed but I like it.  I like the card stock, which I am a weird sucker for (see Heritage of old).   I dig the retro-looking Atlanta pennant design.    OH!   A cute little "RC" logo, too?   Why, yes, please!

Here's the back.   At first glance, it's a little "meh".....but then the diamond incorporation starts to entrance me like Scarlett Johanssssson......the name banner centered over a simply stated 'Gattis: Origins' write-up is a great way to bring it together.   Any card back that uses the term "hulking presence" is a winner, as I have often been referred to in the same fashion - just not as a batter in the major leagues....or in baseball in general.....or in sports.......dammit.

Hit one for 'hulking' dudes everywhere, El Oso Blanco!!!

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