Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 Topps Heritage - The Decision to Build

They got me again with their card stock tractor beam!

I normally don't do racks, but when I do...I do 'em big.

If you follow my ramblings on Twitter, you know that I am a big time nerd, play fantasy sports and recently had a lot to say about the new Heritage set from Topps.   I picked up a few rack packs from Wally Mart on that post-release Monday to check them out.   I love the 1965 design but, for some reason, I need my Heritage cards to be printed upon that nice thick card stock that disappeared during last year's Heritage release.   Yes, I know that some of that stock swapping has to do with actual historical accuracy.....ridiculous notion for a product called "Heritage"!

The result?

Oso Blanco - Beard - Pennant - ROOKIE CUP combo in 1st pack NEVER HURTS

EXHIBIT A - Why a brand like Heritage is loved by collectors like me who value...old card backs

I love them!   The pictures and images for these cards are as BLAND as ever.   So simple, so staged weirdly perfect.   That card stock is nice and thick and when you take a whiff of a fat stack of these bad boys - it's nothing but pulpy, cardboard-y goodness.   Where are you going?   No slippery gloss and syrupy odor 'round here.   No serial numbers or super-short printed action/logo variation cards in my packs...

Colon & Marichal - WHAT could be weirder?

Smile, Freddie.

So, why do I love them?   Again, these are just simple baseball cards....but that's exactly what I like to collect sometimes, particularly when I'm building a set.   I pulled 76 base cards out of 4 packs in addition to 4 inserts (a couple of which I liked).   No duplicates!   Wait...upon further reflection, I think that stack of 76 included 3 SPs, one of which was my ONLY colored parallel.   I like those numbers.   I also love card backs from the days of yore - and these are a perfect example.   The drawings and cartoon-ish font upon a sea of baby-blue.......dude, what could be better?   Sure, a relic or an autograph or a card with an old postage stamp would have been cool to pull (and helped me reclaim some of the investment) but I am quite content and now, perhaps foolishly, on a mission to build the set!

I am a little disappointed in the fact that Topps decided to place a high percentage of star players in the SP portion of the release.   I think this is a huge mistake and a potential trend that could really damage the hobby - let's hope it doesn't persist!

Let me know if you have any cards from this set to trade, sell, whatever.   I will post my NEEDS list in a new tab to the right - my first new tab in quite awhile.   Check it out!   I will try to keep it updated as best I can and begin to list duplicates that I have for trade if/when they arrive.

Keep collecting!



  1. You could do what I always do...start collecting the set and never finish it.
    Never mind, that's bad advice.

    1. OH, have I got some "works in progress" to show you, my friend!

      It's a long collecting road, sometimes....or is it a beltway

  2. Nice break. Too bade I still cannot find any Heritage here in NYC.