Saturday, March 8, 2014

One of My Favorite Cards - 2013 Bowman Byron Buxton

I collect Yankees and Braves, both teams of which I am a fan....but I also love baseball in general and have become intimately familiar with the vast sea of talent in the sport's minor league system.   This has occurred for many reasons:

- I read other blogs
- I read hobby articles
- I see the insanely priced baseball cards of players who have never played in the majors and assume that somebody thinks they're REALLY good
- I also participate in a dynasty fantasy baseball league that deals with prospects and minor leaguers

Yes, prospects have become QUITE the beast to deal with in today's fast-moving and highly speculative collecting world.   I don't dabble all that much in it but, here and there, I will pick up some cards or memorabilia for a young talent I take an interest in.

One such talent is the electrical young OF outfielder in the Twins organization, Byron Buxton.   I believe he was recently the cover boy for Beckett?   Anyways, I managed to draft Buxton onto my dynasty team last season.   Did I know a lot about him?   Nope.   His name is cool.   It sounds like a baseball name.   He posts funny stuff on Twitter (@ryanspitch !) and he was a consensus "you have to draft this guy if you can" kind of guy for baseball prospect experts.

I'll go with that.   So, here's my first Byron Buxton card:

Sparkly.   What is this variation called?   No, it isn't his most coveted card and it isn't graded and it isn't even a RC (I think?) and it isn't autographed or have a piece of his's just a baseball card.   I think it's pretty sharp looking, though and the fact that he's caught in a "duck face" pose makes me chuckle.

Here's the back:

There you go!   " weakness......blazing speed......"

Again, this particular card isn't special to many folks, but I really like it and for a couple of "bucks", I am glad to have a card of "Buck" in my collection.   As a fantasy manager - GO BUCK, GO!

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  1. I agree , The card is awesome and cant wait to watch him.

  2. Sweet! Shiny! Handsome!

    and I think those are the Silver Ice parallels.