Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Yankees Collection - 2010 Topps Chrome #214 Ivan Nova RC Certified Autograph

Here's another example of what is quickly becoming the 'must have' card for me when it comes to my PC's or favorite players from the teams I collect.

The " 2___ Topps Chrome RC auto" is usually dependable for being a nice looking card.   The "RC shield" always goes a long way with me and any certified autograph, while usually keeping most cards out of my price range, is a welcome addition!

Here we have Ivan Nova's version from the 2010 Chrome set.   Shield?   Check.   On-card signature?   Check - and this one looks really nice in the blue ink with just the right amount of tilt to fill up the auto-space.   The overall color scheme fits together nicely!   Awesome picture of said rookie?   Not so much, but I can deal with that.   Here it is:

Great color scheme! Awful reflection of collector, DOH!

Nova and his compadre Michael Pineda are going to be an essential key to the Yankees' success this year.   In the field and at the plate, we are a team in quasi-transition.   Some highly paid talent was brought in, yes....but this is not the team of old.   200 home runs will not be reached, in my opinion.   I think Girardi will have to run a lot more, and earn some wins the hard way - which I am ecstatic about.

That also means that we can't have our starter getting blown out of the water early or, frankly, blown out of the water at all.   Our staff needs to be dialed in and working hard to keep ahead in counts and any batted balls on the ground.   Should be simple, yeah?

Ivan had a great season last year - he was almost an unsung hero, in my opinion.   Kuroda collapsed as the post season approached.   Sabathia just kept getting SHELLED.....it was hard to watch, but this kid picked up the slack as best he could and he did it well.

Here's the back of the card:

Let's Go Yankees!

Exit question - what's the classic baseball word that serves as a synonym for teammate, fellow player/pitcher?   I know there's a word for this and I just can't remember right now....

Thanks for reading....


  1. Nice card! A Nova auto eludes me. I'm also not going out of my way to get one.