Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One of My Favorite Cards - 2011 Bowman Platinum Michael Choice - Certified Autograph

Picked this card up for a couple of bucks.   I told you I was dabbling in prospects!   Michael Choice is another player I have picked up for my dynasty fantasy baseball team.   His power potential intrigued me as he worked hard in the A's organization last year.   The A's made another great run in the fall and Michael had an effective impact while he was called up for coffee towards the end of the season.

Choice was traded to the Rangers this winter and is competing hard for a starting slot on the roster under the careful eyes of Ron Washington -in fact, Mr. Washington has even noted that he expects Choice to have an impact on a daily basis.   Which is great but from a fantasy perspective......we'll have to see.   With Choo and Rios' arrival in Texas, it looks like Michael will have to compete with Leonys Martin for that final spot.   

Hopefully, he'll get his shot.   He comes with a record of both power and patience, a rare combination.   According to his card below, he went deep seven times in thirty games during his debut.   That's pretty stellar.

It will be exciting to watch and while this card might not last in my collection forever, I'm enjoying it for now.

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  1. As an A's fan, I was pretty bummed to see Choice get traded to Texas... but now that he's there, I have to admit, I hope he doesn't do too well ;-) (well... at least against the A's).