Monday, June 3, 2013

My Yankee Collection - 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen "Sliding Stars" Derek Jeter

I really miss our Captain and hope he can return to action soon.  

My worst fear is that he may encounter further difficulty and decide to hang up his spikes.....but I am optimistic that Jeter will make it back to give us a few more memories.

For now, I can certainly enjoy my Jeter cards and this is one of the more unique examples.   Sure, I've got plenty of Gypsy Queen (particularly from last year) but this is a Sliding Stars insert - my favorite GQ insert set from last year and a clear second place behind this year's Collisions at the Plate set.

This is how I look when I change a diaper 

The intrigue goes on, as this version of the card is a miniature version.   It was a nice pull from the special hobby box topper of mini cards found within each box.   Did Topps do the same thing this year?   It was a nice boost to my boxes, when a boost was SERIOUSLY needed.

Here's a picture of the box topper

Exclusive! And yes, I kept the boxes..

Gimmicky, yes.....but when you throw down for a hobby box of anything, you're entitled to some bells and whistles, in my opinion.   You also deserve some solid progress towards a complete set.....and GQ did deliver there.   Back to Jeter.

Here's a look at the back:

I really like the design and layout of the GQ backs. Seriously.

Isn't that 3rd base he's sliding into, based on the front photo?   I'm pretty sure it is, judging by the marking on the OF wall.......the write-up of the specific stolen base story (I love it when cards pertain to a specific event!) refers to Derek stealing second base.

Oh well.   Still a sweet card for my Yankees collection!

Thanks for reading!