Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Robertson Collection: 2013 Topps #230 Emerald Parallel

At first, I was annoyed with all of the colored parallels stuffed into today's baseball card packs.   As a base set builder, these parallels merely existed as a wasted card roadblock on my journey towards trying to complete a set.....

Alas, if you can't beat them - JOIN THEM.   And that's what I've decided to do - embrace the rainbow!

Alas, the parallels make excellent trade bait for my team and player collector trading friends out there.......hey, what do you know - I have a few of those myself!   And here's one of them:

UGH!   Awful photo job there, Ryan.   Let's head to the stock photo pool.....

There we go!

I like this card.   Green doesn't exactly scream YANKEE to me, but it's sharp looking and provides a different design to enjoy and something special to track down.   I'm always up for trading for parallels of my favorite players or teams. 

David is quietly enjoying another solid season for the Yanks as the set-up man for Mo's final tour.   He's 4-1 with 14 holds and 36 K's in 27 2/3 IP.   That's pretty stellar, even though his ERA is a career high 2.93.   I haven't had as many opportunities to watch Robertson toss this year as I would like - hopefully I can watch him strike out the side tonight against the Dodgers!

Did you know Bubba Watson will be throwing out the first pitch?   Heck yes!   Two of my favorites in sports (Yankees and Bubba) collide.....hopefully MLBtv coverage will capture the pre-game moment so that I can catch it live.

Here's the back of the card:

Did anyone ever get a good answer on the fuzzy math Topps used in the "Career Chase" factoids on the backs of these cards?

Just a note - a key statement regarding the evolution of how I collect resides above.   A very brief, innocent mention, but I can't help but feel a little sad that set-building has become such a challenge.   However - as we all know, there's no crying in baseball [card collecting]!

Time to pick myself up, dust myself off and embrace my new world.   Team Collecting and Player Collections.....nothing wrong with that.   But don't think I'm giving up on my vintage set building efforts!

Just wanted to mention it.

Go Yankees and thanks for reading!

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