Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Kimbrel Collection: 2012 Topps Chrome #2 Purple Refractor

Have I even shared a Kimbrel card with you guys yet?

Shame on me!

No better time to start than now - here's a recent pick-up from the Bay of E.   I realized that my focus on cards of Mr. Kimbrel had been a little lazy of late so I decided to take some bargain-hunting action.   For the price of a coke, I snagged this refractor of Craig from last year's Chrome release.   Purple is not my favorite color and it certainly doesn't tie in with the colors of my Atlanta Braves.....but this card is pretty sweet!

No justice with this picture

Do you guys like these refractors?   How about these purple versions, in particular?   Lost Collector - I know you dig 'em....or was that the orange flavor that you prefer?   Yikes.   I never would have thought I'd be discussing refractor rainbow preferences.

Back to baseball!

This is a superb photo selection by Topps, depicting the now-famous pre-pitch Kimbrel crouch.   Craig's perfection ran into some challenges earlier this season as he allowed more home runs and blew more saves than, I believe, he had ever done before......EVER.   Folks panicked in both the real and fantasy baseball worlds but I knew the Braves' closer could remain effective and, thus far, he's back on track.  

Kimbrel currently has 18 saves, placing him alone in 4th place across both leagues.   Here's the back of the card:

A Forrest Gump reference - seriously?

I love that Topps paid tribute to Kimbrel's record for Saves in a rookie campaign.   That season of his was amazing to watch and played a pivotal role in my selection of him as a PC for my collection.   Oh, and just in case we were all wondering - yes, this card is a refractor.   Because it says it right there.....on the card....r-e-f-r-a-c-t-o-r.   Makes me smile and shake my head.

But so does this card - I'm glad to have it as a part of my Kimbrel Collection!

Thanks for reading!

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