Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 Bowman #65 Chris Davis Gold Parallel

No better time to show some appreciation for home run machine Chris Davis than today - Chris fired off his league leading 25th and 26th long balls yesterday in a beat down of the Detroit Tigers.

Absolutely amazing and, truth be told, I'm rooting for him.   No, not just because I have Davis is mashing for one of my fantasy teams!   Competition is great for the game and I enjoy the banter back and forth regarding MVP possibilities for Mr. Davis and Mr. Cabrera.

Miggy not Melky, you guys.

My Bowman adventures this year were motivated by pursuit of some exciting prospect cards.   I was able to snag a few of those but I've also enjoyed some of the veterans' cards in the set that don't receive much love......

Here's one of those cards, Chris Davis' gold parallel base card:

It's pretty sharp.   I don't know if it's bound for permanent archiving in the Ryan's Pitch collection, but I'm certainly appreciating it for now!   The color scheme works well and the picture is nicely framed by Bowman's simple, elegant design.   Perhaps Chris is rounding the bases after one of his blasts?   Not sure.

Here's the back:

Rather astutely, the last bullet point highlights the fact that Davis' hot start to last season carried him through a fairly severe mid-season slump.   He then finished with a bang to wrap up an overall impressive stat line.  

Will Chris Davis continue to roll through the entire season this year?

I hope so - and it will be fun to watch and find out.   Congrats to you Orioles fans, too.   I'm sure you're savoring every homer :)

Thanks for reading!

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