Thursday, March 1, 2012

"That's How We Roll..."

Another generous member of my new fraternity went above and beyond the call of duty when he answered my S.O.S. call for help in completing my '91 Fleer base set. That's right, Captain Canuck, our favorite Waxaholic, snuck an entire box of cards off my bloated NEEDS list across the border - and I understand the proverbial postal dogsled completed this run in record time!

Hey, wait a second!   What are those?

Oh yes....can't wait to file and cross off those bad boys.   But, wait?!   What's that?   WAX PACKS - from my era.   What a nice surprise.   '90 Fleer and '91 Score to be exact:

I've been here before....

A lot of fun.   I couldn't wait to tear into them (as you might be able to tell, I couldn't even wait until I snapped that picture).   Here were the highlights from each one:

Frank and George!

This was also Mussina's 1st Driver's License picture.   Go Rickey, GO!

Fantastic fun.   Thank you, Canuck!

Asking for nothing specific in return beyond a "just take a look through my lists", he single handedly brought my '91 Fleer quest into its final leg. It should also be noted - his selfless, LONG DISTANCE shipment of those base cards undoubtedly exceeded the 'cost' of what any of us could probably pay for a COMPLETE '91 Fleer set off of Ebay or the local flea market. The effort was completely illogical, BUT - like the Captain quipped to one of Waxaholic's faithful Lieutenants after one of his posts -

"That's how we roll."

I concur, Cap'n.......this is how we roll and I am enjoying every second of it.   Collectors helping other collectors with their pursuits.   Card by card (or in this case, box by box).   Because the story and 'players' involved in the 20+ year completion of this '91 Fleer set will be so much more colorful than a non-competitive bid on some junk wax from the Bay of E.   Indeed, this is how we roll.

Thank you for your generosity!  Another example of what I love about this hobby.  There will be some cardboard headed north SOON.   The dogs just wanted to grab some BBQ before they turned around.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. you are more than welcome my friend. I'm glad they've found a good home.