Monday, March 12, 2012

Crinkly Wrappers and 2011 Topps - Wrapping It Up

Bravo, Ted.

I can now answer my own question from a few posts ago -

"What is better, the anticipation of a last card or the completion of a set?"


Completion of a set all the way and Ted from Crinkly Wrappers deserves a round of applause for completing my first set in 2012, the 2011 Topps Base Set (Series 1 and 2).   And he did so in great style with poetic symmetry:

  • it was card #100 
  • it features one of the greatest hitters in baseball
  • this was the player's final year for the pictured team AND their World Series title year
Yep.   El Hombre.

Pardon the glare from the set-completion fireworks

100 - as in, 100%!!!!!!!!!!!

*I know - no Update.   There's no rain on this parade, though!

El Hombre at Crinkly Wrappers will have some 2012 parallels headed his way shortly for card #100 and the 2011 Heritage base cards he was able to scrounge up.

I can now seal up the box and place it with the cards I am saving for my son.   I am proud of the effort to piece this one together, bit by bit.   Yes, he has a factory-sealed set, too (damn you, Walmart sale price and shiny Mantle retro-card marketing ploy).   But now he can thumb through the whole set one day and look at each card if he wants to - knowing that his old man painstakingly chased down each one.   And so what if all the Yankees and Braves come in penny-sleeves.....isn't that the norm?

A Set Builder's Moment

Several of you fellow bloggers had a large part in this - so thank you to all who helped me along!   It feels good to finish one and it sets the tone for 2012.

Best of luck in your own pursuits and please let me know if I can help.   Thanks again, Ted, and...

Thanks for reading!

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