Saturday, March 10, 2012

And Then There Was One

What's more exciting - the anticipation of a final card or the completion of the set?

Reader Adam has brought my 2011 Lineage NEEDS list to its knees by sending a great package of four of the final five cards from my checklist.   Adam is a Giants fan and I was able to piece together a few odds and ends from my collection.   My favorite from the four Lineage he sent?   Probably Mr. Cy Young:


Not only does Cy appear to utilize the same workout routine that I do but he also played for the Cleveland Spiders - and that's just cool.   Oh yes, according to the back of his Uno card (#106 from the set), he also holds the record for complete games at 749.

749 COMPLETE games.  

That's 6,741 innings in tidy little nine-inning bursts.   As Lee Corso would say in the fall, "Yo!"

Ear-Muffs, Kids!

Only one card remains - #175.  

I hadn't looked until now, let's see who it is!   Let's pause for a quick Bing search...........

Oh my....

It's one of my Yankees - CC Sabathia!   Ironically, he could probably work out with me and Cy.

Where 'ya at, CC?!

Thanks for the great trade, Adam, and thanks for reading!


  1. I've got an extra #175 Sabathia for your set.

    Email me your address and it's yours.

  2. Thanks for the trade, enjoyed my end as well. Looks like your last card is incoming - congrats!