Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Package from the Roundtable of Hobbs' Knights - and a PC Announcement

I recently enjoyed a trade with Jason from Hobbs' Knights.   He took a look at my NEEDS lists and offered to help.   I was able to piece together a few things that fit into his collection and we got it done. 

Jason sent a lot of help for my set building quests.   His package included some 2012 Base, 2012 Golden Moments & Gold Standard inserts, 2011 Heritage Base, 1991 Fleer and even some 1981 NEEDS lists.   Variety is the spice of life, yes?!

Thank you for your time and effort to do some sifting on my behalf, Jason!

Highlights for the '12 base cards and some of my favorites:

"I hope Fab Freddie gives me a high five!"
I loved the great view of Porcello's grip on this one

Is that Joe Cocker I hear in the background?

My 1st D-Rob of 2012!  And not the last...

Behold the WHIP - and, Topps attempts some Mo humor!

 Have I confessed my decision to make David Robertson my latest PC quest?   Well, consider this an announcement.

Ahem -  I am starting a player collection of David Robertson.  

I would like to take this time to wish David a swift recovery from his, um, foot injury that he suffered Wednesday evening while moving boxes at his apartment.   X-Rays were negative but he'll undergo an MRI soon to be on the safe side (Chien-Ming Wang suffered a disastrous Lisfranc foot injury in almost the same place and ended up missing the entire season).   My reaction to this news about my latest favorite player?

fear - "No!"  
realization - "Okay, doesn't sound bad."
relief - "Whew...I think he'll be alright."
hope - "Maybe this means he'll have a little more time to sign my TTM request?"
anger - "David Robertson has to move his own boxes?   Where's A.J. when you need him?!?"

All kidding aside, I hope he recovers quickly and makes that 8th inning appearance in Game #1 for the season (in lieu of that Soriano character).  

UPDATE: "Cause for conern" from Robertson's MRI, according to Girardi as of 4:30 EST today.   He will have more tests and I will have no nails left.   Say it ain't so, Joe......

Now, on with the review!   Ben Revere is jealous of Giancarlo/Mike Stanton; can you guess why?

Awesome Picture but - smallest Rookie Cup EVER?

Jason also threw in some inserts that I needed.   I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever complete the sets I've chosen (Gold Standard, Golden Moments and '87 Mini's).   I could very easily just buy the sets outright for a few bucks.   But what fun would that be?   Here they are and, yes, they're Yankees:

A lot of empty space......but it's still Joltin'!

Robbie!   Solid Gold, in my book.

What's better than helping me out with my 2012 NEEDS?   Crossing a few off of my 1981 Topps NEEDS list, that's what!   Here was my favorite card of the bunch, Sam Mejias, with a GREAT stat line on the back for 1979:

Hello, Sam.

Ever notice how many table-tennis enthusiasts there were?

That's right - in 1979, Sam made the most of his two at-bats by walloping a hit during one and eventually coming around to score.   1 for 2 means a slick average of .500!   Hey, Sam - it's quality over quantity, right?!   Right.   Play on, Sam.   The 1981 Topps NEEDS list should consider itself one .500 hitter shorter, now.

I'm also gratefully happy to say that Jason nudged me a little bit closer to completing 2011 Heritage as well.   One of the Heritage cards caught my eye for a couple of reasons.   First - this guy can now enjoy the "player formerly known as" joke like his buddy Roberto Heredia Fausto Carmona (hey, at least he only changed one name).   I shouldn't group them together, though., Giancarlo is going to do some big things for the Fish down in Miami this year.   Reports out of camp are that the balls were FLYING during a BP session in their new stadium with the roof open - and flying even FURTHER with the roof closed!   Not only that but Vegas had Stanton at 8:1 odds to lead the Majors in HRs this year.   That is until the public put their money in the pot and the odds are now at 7:1.   Zoinks!

DUDE - Ben Revere has TOTAL Rookie Cup-envy!
Jason wasn't done yet - he also wanted to help me out with my few remaining 1991 Fleer needs.   My two favorites were:


Bobby Bo and Barry!

Much thanks for the great trade and help with so many of my set pursuits, Jason.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Amusingly enough, the Revere does not have the smallest rookie cup ever. Check out 2011's Opening Day card of Austin Jackson. It's barely noticeable.