Monday, April 9, 2012

"O" YES, Don't You Know!

I recently had a great trade with my fellow AL East collector, Ryan over at "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog .   It's always a beautiful thing when two collectors of different teams can swap some great cards from each team and pull off a very honorable 'prisoner exchange' that works very well for both sides.

This is exactly what happened for us two Ryan's.

I had some Baltimore ink and threads that Ryan could use for his Orioles collection while he had some Bronx lumber for me.   A win-win!   Here he is in all his glory, my first 'hit' for 2012, Mr. Robbie Cano:

Glorious.   I got to thinking - wouldn't it be cool if Topps had gone and obtained relics from THE game described on these Golden Moment cards and inserted a piece of THAT into these inserts?   I know - that would have caused each one to become, as Bay of E sellers like to say, "Ultra Rare!" and probably make them utterly unobtainable.

Be that as it may - I love this Robbie card and am glad to have a little piece of SOMETHING Yankee from the 2012 releases.   I hope there's more to come!

Ryan also went through my NEEDS lists and was able to help me out with some 87 minis, my '91 Fleer pursuit (getting close, you guys), and some other 2012 insert chases.   Check 'em out!

I love these mini's!

"The Honeycomb Set" almost done!

Great Ones

Yes.   Yankee legends.   One thing I appreciate this year is the slight bump in face-time for Maris that Topps seemed to afford 'ol Roger this year.   Here's a few examples that I'm ecstatic to have in my collection now:



And here are some more inserts to help along mission to complete the sets:

True, with every glance of these Golden Moment/Standard inserts, I am reminded that there was a lot of space int he design for some ink or material that simply is not there.   BUT, I will say that there are some great baseball tidbits and factoids on each one as well.....which my inner baseball-nerd embraces as a totally satisfactory consolation prize.

Thanks for the GREAT trade, Ryan!

Thanks for reading. 


  1. I like that you used prisoner exchange. It definitely defines our trade of bitter AL East rivals (well at least in the past and not so much now). But the rivalry will be renewed tonight.