Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Finally Here!

Last year was my first year back in the hobby for more than 20 years.   It's been an interesting ride since last spring as I've dabbled here and there with the various releases available.   Some I liked, some I have decided to pass on.   One of my favorite cardboard blogosphere quotes definitely come to mind:

"Collect What You Like" - 30YOC

For me, last year's Gypsy Queen offering was my favorite!   I'm not sure why, but the artist-rendering effect and retro-design was very appealing to me.   The card stock is nice and thick.   The combination checklist of past stars, current veterans and rookies just seemed right.   The middle-of-the-road set count of 300 was manageable and the 50 SPs was a little easier to tackle than the 75 SPs of Heritage.   I had far more luck with 'hits' in blasters and retail packs of GQ than any other release and the 5 insert sets (Great Ones, Wall Climbers, Sticky Fingers, Home Run Heroes and Future Stars) rounded it out nicely as they too struck a good balance for me between the challenges of chasing and completing.   Speaking of which, I still have a few more remaining on the NEEDS list - let me know if you can help me out!

All of this is a little curious, too.   Yes, the GQ set appeals to my set-building nature in some ways.   But it is fairly short at only 300 base cards.   Why would I favor this set over the Dual Series + Update flagship release?    I also like to read the backs of cards and appreciate a full set of stats or some nifty little cartoons.   I'm not going to find either of those with Gypsy Queen!   There's limited cards per team to show current rosters in lieu of sharing some space with legends from the old days.   This could drive me a little nuts as I have become infinitely more familiar with and interested in the full rosters for pretty much every club - thank you, fantasy baseball.

I know.   It's completely illogical. 

But here we are, one year later with the 2012 release!

Well yes, naturally, there's a Yankee on the box.

It's the one I've been waiting for.   Its release date is officially tomorrow, but the cards have already flooded the Bay of E.   I haven't perused the listings though.   I want to form my own opinion of the cardboard when it's in-hand.   If the 2012 edition is anywhere close to the rookie release, I'll be happy!

I'm wondering if it's already hit the shelves of the local Target?   I bet it has.   The April 18th release date had dropped off my radar.   I had anticipated Heritage's release and scooped up some early wax the day before.   How did my favorite set sneak up on me?

Life and work and, heck - baseball itself has kept me busy lately.   Some rounds of golf.   Some good times this spring with friends and family.   My VERY fortunate trip to the Final Four.   Bubba's victory at the Masters.   My incredible kids and amazing wife.   The backyard fire pit and the 'ol smoker grill.   I've had and am currently in the middle of several trades with many of you......thank you for your patience, guys.....lots of things going on - great things*!   And what could be better along with all of that than a pleasant little surprise reminder that GQ is back again.  

I'm hoping to make a stop by the Big Box du jour and pick some up soon and I look forward to seeing what everybody else thinks of it, too!

Until then - good luck and if you're into Gypsy Queen like I am, may your HITS be amazing!   Let's bust some wax!

Thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer: List of "Great Things" is not necessarily in any order of priority :)


  1. Gypsy Queen is AWESOME!!! I don't have the $$$ to get a box, BUT I got in on a box break through the JABO blog...
    I have a couple cards from yer want list... Hit me up:
    bacontowne attt yahhooo dot com
    thanks! troll

  2. I bought two blasters at Walmart. I opened one so far and pulled an auto. Just about to open the other...