Thursday, April 5, 2012

Multi-Taskin'-Set-Chasin'-Tradin' with $30/Week


The tremendous generosity and effort from my fellow collectors out there is truly awe-inspiring.   The trade propositions and offers to help me with my NEEDS list (for so little or almost nothing expected in return) have been coming through in DROVES.   It's been a challenge to keep up with and I hope I haven't missed anything or failed to deliver on my end - If I have, please let me know!

But in the meantime, let's take a quick look at some great help from Robert over at $30 A Week Habit sent in my direction:

Making some great progress towards the Golden Standard and Golden Moments subset completions!   This trio of Standards caught my eye, though.   I enjoyed reading the backs and I feel like this collection of milestones for these three players is indeed truly noteworthy!

Yeah, the Hawk reached his 1,500 RBI mark while he was finishing out with the Massachusetts Chicken 'n Beer Squad - but 1,500 RBI, 3,000 K's and 600 A-roid-infused HR's are pretty powerful numbers to consider.   HOFer, Soon to be HOFer and Hobbler.   H^3?   Sorry - I'm done.

How about some great Yankee parallels?!   Yes?

Parallels are growing on me, my friends.   Specifically, rainbows of my Yanks and favorite players (I'm looking at YOU, David 'self-mover' Robertson!).   These are great additions.   I am hoping Betances can continue to develop and that Hughes can finally settle down with some decent velocity and control in the club's rotation.  

Robert was also kind enough to help me along with my pursuit of 2011 Heritage.   Crinkly Wrappers warned me about chasing this issue....but I couldn't help it.   So thick, so cartoon-y, so retro.....I'm still pursuing (sans SP's) and getting a little closer every day.   It's the little boosts like this that will help me reach my goal:

Evan may have a lot to smile about this year...a wild card, anyways.

Great trade, Robert - thanks for digging up these great cards for my collection!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. My pleasure Ryan, trade worked well both ways..thank you!!