Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Vintage Stack: 1965 Topps #266 Bert Campaneris

Let's dive somewhere into the middle of that mystery vintage stack, shall we?

Is that a vintage spring training photo I see?!?!  BONUS

Oh baby, do I like the looks of this '65 Campaneris!   Bert Campaneris is one of those baseball names that you hear a lot, for some reason.   There are some VERY good reasons for that, as we'll discuss in a moment.

First of all, the card is very nice to look at.   The corners have been well loved, but the centering is pretty stellar and the colors are bold, which is key for '65's.   Easily one of my favorite designs, Bert's card is a great example.   The color combinations a re a bit odd here (blue, yellow, red, black, white) but it works for me.   The vintage Athletics elephant logo on the team pennant is really cool.   I have a soft-spot for the KC A's in my heart after reading so much about them in all of my Yankee research.   For so many years, Kansas City just seemed to exist as a conduit farm team for the Bombers....

ROOKIE CUP!   Most of us love the rookie cup and these 60's versions are the thoroughbreds of the rookie cup images.   This thing towers beside Bert, from chest to nostril, which may offer a clue for Campaneris' "who farted?" look - did the Rookie Cup guy break some wind?   So weird.

To the back:

These Carolina Blue card backs are great.   I love these original versions and they are a big attraction for me as I work my way through building the 2014 Topps Heritage set.   Check out my NEEDS List if you get a chance!

This is a great write-up, you guys.   It describes Bert's amazing feat of slugging two bombs in his first major league game.   That placed him in a tie with Bob Nieman, who pulled it off in 1951, however, I wonder if Bob can say that he ripped the very FIRST pitch that he saw for the first long ball?   Can anybody confirm?   Three players have accomplished the same feat since but it didn't happen again until 1999!

The other part of this card back that I love is the mention of Campaneris' nickname, "Campy".   Most of us think of Roy Campanella when we hear "Campy", but I just can't see how there's any way around this for a guy with a name like Campaneris, can you?   Does "Campy" make any of you think of Campaneris instead of....Campy?

1965 would be a GREAT year for Bert.   He would lead his team in batting and lead the junior circuit in triples and stolen bases (51).   The 51 swipes was the most by an Athletic since this guy swiped 58 back in 1914:

Hall of Famer Eddie Collins....and a kick-ass elephant!
Seriously, how cool does Collins look?   I'm going to make a mental  note to add Eddie to my list of players to explore and learn more about in my baseball pursuits.....

But back to Bert.

Not only did Campy's 51 bags total the most in 37 years for the club, but it also ended Luis Aparicio's streak of nine years as the American League's stolen base leader.   Way to go, Bert!

Another solid piece of baseball history from the 'vintage stack'.   I am very excited about where the stack might take us next and I hope you are enjoying this exploration as much as I am.   This cardboard appreciation is one of my favorite parts of our hobby.

Thanks for reading and keep collecting!


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