Monday, May 12, 2014

Some 2011 Gypsy Queen Help from the Daily Dimwit!

Sam over at The Daily Dimwit was kind enough to send over a few cards that I needed for my 2011 Gypsy Queen collection.   Sam and I both share a love of that set, the very first of the Gypsy Queen releases.   It holds a special place in my collecting heart as THE first cards that purchased when returning to the hobby after a 20+ year hiatus.   If only I had stashed away a few more blasters......

Sam has an AMAZING close master set of 2011 Gypsy Queen.   Relics, framed mini's, mini's, parallels, autographs.....ALL OF IT.   He lacks only a couple of white whales, and by that I mean cards like the Koufax autograph, Hank Aaron auto, etc.   It's incredible and a true testament to the set-builder and collector that Sam is.   Sam's also just a good of the first that welcomed me into our modern hobby digital community.

I made the mistake of not holding on to all of my mini cards.   I still have a bunch, but as I was not quite sure how to handle these odd-sized micro cards (no such thing existed in my previous collecting life?!), I sent off many of them to good homes in the form of trades or goodwill packages.

That being said, I was all about the insert sets and SPs.   In fact, I wasn't even quite sure what a "SP" was, but I think this may have worked in my favor.   Kind of an 'ignorance is bliss' sort of event.   I never got frustrated over how challenging it was to find these 50 cards, I simply kept hunting as a happy, numerically and linearly-inclined set-builder.

Man, those were the days!

Anyways, I still need a couple inserts and SPs but thanks to Sam, I can now cross these off the list.   Thanks, Sam!

OH, did I leave a glare on Buchholz's card or is that just a foreign substance?

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