Friday, May 2, 2014

Coffee's on in Toronto! Paging Marcus Stroman...

A couple of months ago, I struck up a Twitter trade with @MrsClooney32, who is part of the #BravesFam group of complete strangers that I banter back and forth with about all things Braves.

It's a lot of fun and an easy way for you to get annoyed with my Braves-related play-by-play tweets on your timeline.

Anyways, MrsClooney32 is a big time Chipper fan and was interested in a grey swatch relic card that I had of 'ol Larry.   In return, I caught an unusual case of the "fantasy baseball pitching prospect autograph desire" disease and was interested in a Team USA autograph card of Blue Jays' young hurler, Marcus Stroman.

It was a one and done swap - thanks, MrsClooney32!

Here's the Stroman:

Apparently, Marcus sat beside Wil Myers in autograph class........

It's a another slick Team USA card from Topps Chrome.   It's sharp looking despite the fact that the autograph is on a sticker.   You see, I have a strange affinity for Team USA cards.   In fact, I bought a whole box of Team USA cards earlier this year.   More about that in a future post.   Here's the back of Stroman's card:

I love the American flag in the background of these card backs - Topps really did a nice job!   It's even numbered out of 199....something I didn't notice until JUST now, actually.   That's funny.

My favorite stat about Marcus?   No, not that he went to Duke (which is pretty cool)...he is 5'9" but can bring some serious heat.   We all know the quick fate that can be served to young prospects when they come up, but you can't help but root for this little guy, can you?   Man, would I love to see a pitching duel between Stroman and Yankees' giant flame-thrower, Dellin Betances (6'8").   That would be awesome!

Wait a second.   I don't have any autographs, or much cards at all, of Betances.   What the heck is wrong with me?   Note to self.....

I'm posting this today because the Jays' Dusting McGowan is struggling a bit and rumblings out of Toronto signal an imminent call-up for Mr. Stroman.   He's been quite successful in AAA Buffalo thus far, avoiding the long ball that often plagued him last year, posting a 2.18 ERA with a 29:6 K:BB ratio.

Not bad, and I wish him the best - just not against my Yanks!   A no-no against Boston wouldn't hurt my feelings.....

Keep collecting!


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