Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vintage? Vintage.

I love a good mystery and, while I usually pretty adverse to risk in all that I do - I decided to take a little risk on some mystery batches of vintage cards recently.

You guys know me - I love old cards.   Stars or commons, graded or raw, sharp corners or water damaged - I love all types of old cardboard.   Several "lots" of vintage cards came into focus for me on the Bay of E that really caught my attention.   Some of the card were visible and I was able to recognize some quality names like Hodges, Aaron, Jackson and Robinson.   I also spied a pretty solid spread of card designs across a three-decade spectrum - everything from a '54 to a bunch of '65's and stuff in between.

I was intrigued and the minimum bid was low...and, well, I probably had a beer or two as well.

I ended up winning a few and, for $40 total - this stack of top loaders (eeeek! and some just LOOSE in the bag) showed up at my door:


......some more....hey, a checklist!

I'm going to go through these a little bit more when I get a chance to run some stats and start showing them off.  

Here's hoping I do okay - at the very least, I've been able to fill out a couple of pages for my vintage set pursuits!

Keep Collecting,



  1. very nice. congrats.
    if you want to part with any of the Braves... let me know. we'll swap.

  2. Looks like you have a few hidden treasures in there. Can't wait until you begin showing these off.