Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One of My Favorite Cards - 2005 Fleer Classic Clippings Insert, 5 of 10 (#'d 146/1988)

I always love cards that commemorate a specific event or even better - a specific baseball event that I experienced.

This card is a great example of that and, while I was not in Chavez Ravine or even cheering for the Dodgers (quite the opposite)......I will NEVER forget watching Gibson tag that game-winning shot off of The Eck in Game 1.   It crushed my Bash Brothers soul (a foreshadowing of many several decades to come, ugh) but delighted me as a baseball fan.   This is probably one of my earliest baseball-watching memories and cards like this will help to ensure that none of us ever forget!

Trivia: The "4" in Griffin's line refers to what stat?

Here's the back of the card with a very succinct but powerful recap:

Very pleased to have this card in my collection - I wonder what the other 9 "clippings" are from this insert set?   Can anybody fill me in?

Thanks for reading!


  1. That's too funny, I just grabbed that from COMC but hadn't posted it yet, but yeah, it's a great set!

    The others are:
    -Nolan Ryan '91 (7th no-hitter)
    -Cal Ripken '95 (2131 straight games)
    -Joe Carter '93 (WS home run)
    -Bucky Dent '78 (division title PH HR over Boston)
    -Reggie Jackson '77 (3 WS HR)
    -Carlton Fisk '75 (the "wave" WS HR)
    -Bobby Thomson '51 ("the Giants win the Pennant!" HR)
    -Bill Mazeroski '60 (WS-winning HR)
    -Don Larsen '56 (WS perfect game)

  2. I definitely need to pick up a few of these... especially the Gibson. As an A's fan, this was one of the most painful memories in my lifetime. But it's part of my childhood, so I have to have one for the collection.