Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Yankee Collection - 2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Jim Abbott Autograph

I can still remember learning about Jim Abbott for the first time as a kid.   I couldn't wrap my brain around how incredible and special it was that this guy was pitching in the major leagues with only one fully-functioning hand.

So many years later, it was a very exciting moment for me to be able to bring home this Jim Abbott autograph for my collection and to do so for about $4:  

I don't really dabble much with the Goodwin Champions release.   It has some pretty bizarre cards that I find attractive on some days and incredibly awful on others.   I'm sure the lack of license doesn't help my preferences either, making for some disappointing pictures.   That being said, this card is exactly what I want in a certified auto issue of a player like Abbott....with the exception of maybe hoping for a bit more in the image.

Nevertheless, the portrait-picture of Jim is pretty charming.   The uniform could easily be from his days at the University of Michigan, so I am okay with the editing of that maize "M".   Bleh.   The area left for Jim's signature and his effort to center it beautifully in that space transforms this card (in my mind) into a true piece of memorabilia - a little above and beyond a standard, signed card.

Here's the back:

Standard verbage here, but back to Mr. Abbott...

I am STILL in amazement and have been an avid fan of Abbott's ever since I excitedly pulled his "#1 Draft Pick" rookie card out of packs of 1989 Topps.   You remember this one?

Boy, did I LOVE that card.   1989 was one of those years where I bought a LOT of wax and had a healthy stockpile of this particular rookie card.   How could you not love him?   He had just helped the US Olympic baseball team bring home the gold - but he was pretty much a super-hero in my eyes already, based solely on his ability to overcome the challenge he was born with.   Sure, it's a story that we've heard a million times, a million different ways, and it serves up the same 'ol life lesson.....but there was something about Abbott's story that just sticks with you.   I hope it always does for me and I plan on sharing it with my little ones.

Jim wowed fans and won their hearts wherever he went, including his epic no-hitter in Yankee Stadium, as a Yankee, in September of 1993.   I'll never forget it.   Sure, it was extra special as a Yankees fan, but it certainly seems to be an excellent exclamation point for an already amazing story.

I am thrilled to add this Jim Abbott autograph to my collection and would jump at the chance for some more.   Only time will tell, but in the meantime - thank you for the memories, Jim!

Thanks for reading and keep collecting!

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  1. I love his signature. I need to pick up an Abbott auto.

    Nice post, as always.