Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Freddie Freeman Collection - 2012 Topps Tier One Relic #3/399

Here's one of the few relic cards I've been able to add to my Freddie collection over the past year or so.   It's a standard Tier One relic offering from Topps - a release that I truly don't have much access to beyond picking up singles in the after-market.

While the jersey swatch is a plain gray, the card itself is pleasantly designed and constructed with a nice, thick card stock.   The colors are bold and match up very well with Freddie's sleeves while contrasting sharply with the red and white of the home Braves uniform.   I believe all Tier 1 cards are numbered, and this one is #3 out of 399.   Nice low number, I suppose.   Here's the back:

I really like the write-up that Topps went with on this one.   We are denied enjoyable facts on most relic cards in exchange for the generic statement about authenticity and relic anonymity, "We have no idea what this piece of equipment was from....but we know it's legit."

This one is different, though, and.....perhaps this is a bonus feature of the pricey Tier 1 release?   Can anybody confirm?   Either way, we get to enjoy this one, which highlights the tumultuous tenures of Atlanta first basemen prior to Freeman's arrival.   It also draws a parallel between Freddie and the Baby Bull by citing their record-setting hit totals as first baseman who were 21 years of age or younger.   For the record, Cepeda notched 371 hits before his 22nd birthday.   Yo!?!

A welcome addition to my Freddie Freeman Collection!

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  1. How do I contact you? I have a Ken Griffey Jr card Topps Tek Card 30 pattern 66 I was curious about and a bunch of others, just starting to unpack boxes of cards from when I moved 10 years ago.