Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Braves Collection - 2011 Topps Chrome Julio Teheran Certified Autograph

I'm a Braves fan.   And a Yankees fan.   This confounds most people.   I grew up 5 hours from Atlanta - they were the home team.   I grew up idolizing Don Mattingly and learning about the legend of Mickey Mantle and the Yankees - they were the dream team, far away.

At the time (mid 80's to EARLY 90's), both teams were awful, as any Dale Murphy or Mattingly fan can attest.   Is it my fault that both teams have been relatively successful, one or the other or both, almost every year from that fateful year in 1991?   Nope.   Have I enjoyed every single inning of it?   Yep.

SO, the Braves.   They break my heart and then quickly build it back up every spring.   Craig Kimbrel and Freddie Freeman are two of my Player Collections (BOY, do I need to update THOSE lists.  I mean.....start them).   Being in the Fox South Sports network area....I usually catch at least SOME Portion of most of their games.   My wife is from Atlanta.   Yes - we're Braves fans, and that carries over into my collecting habits beyond Freddie and The Kimbrel - I'm up for just about ANY Brave you can throw at me, including Julio Teheran.

I love this card.   In fact, in a lot of ways, the TOPPS-CHROME-RC LOGO-AUTO card is quickly becoming the standard card for me to pursue or seek out for any player that I am a fan of or want to collect in any way (not necessarily a PC).   Does this hold true for you guys, too?

But yes, this card is great.   Julio is a hard-throwing pitcher (nearly 9 K's / 9 IP last year) and this picture captures him in a great follow-through that fills the card.   The proverbial RC logo shield is there - so, despite the official rules, this is a Rookie Card for me, even though the RC shield doesn't always make it so.   The Braves logo is great in the lower right hand corner, with a wrap-around assurance of the signature's authenticity (not so sure I needed THAT on the front, but whatever).

Most of all, I like the space provided for the autograph and Mr. Teheran's perfectly proportioned and slanted John Hancock across said space.   It works and looks very, very sharp.   Here's the back of the card:

He was Baseball America's #1 Prospect - I did NOT know that!? Thank you, card back! 

I am hopeful for an improvement by Teheran on the VERY SOLID 14-8 record from last season.  He is still VERY young but has a full vote of confidence from the club's front office, as he was never on the table  during trade talks for Justin Upton, amongst others.   His young gun colleague Randall Delgado was not so lucky and, I dare say, has yet to achieve the same big league success as Julio.

Braves win.

I look forward to cheering for Julio and the Braves throughout the coming season - CHOP! CHOP!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Beautiful autograph. So many youngsters are unfortunatley learning early on to abbreviate their names when they sign. Good for Julio!