Friday, February 21, 2014

Hobby Flashback! Nolan Ryan 1993 Topps Baseball's Finest #107

Here's a fun one!

I came across this Nolan Ryan the other day and for a few bucks, I couldn't turn it down.   I hadn't seen one of these original (is it the first Finest set?) Topps Finest cards since my collecting childhood - and man, I gotta say that I think they are just as cool now as they were back then!   I don't think I could afford any of the Finest packs when they came out.   So...I guess some things don't change :)

Yes, it's a rainbow of color with two stars exploding towards you out of a Nick Jr-worthy hexagon.....

....but I think it's awesome!   It's shiny and reflective and was a trailblazer for things to come in the hobby.   So perhaps I am a bit biased as this card serves as a  tiny hobby time machine for me....but, I think it's pretty cool.   Not to mention that it IS Nolan Ryan.

The back of the card (eeeek):

Whoa.   Not sure I can add to much to this....

So, there you go.   Some '93 Finest, Ryan Express style.   Do you guys have any of these older Finest cards  in your collections?   Does anybody have a Mattingly up for trade?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I want to collect the set someday. I agree with you - there's something about this set that brings back to when I was really excited about cards. Not that I ever could afford these as a 13 year-old, but they were the untouchables of that time.

  2. I love these cards. I wish I had a Mattingly for ya.

  3. That is a pretty card! I keep meaning to pick up a few online at some point.

  4. I have a couple - still my favorite Finest set by far. No '93 Mattingly, sadly. I think I have the '94.