Saturday, February 11, 2012

Would you accept this challenge?

AH..........set building.

If you subjected yourself to the previous post, you know that I recently dug through a brick of '91 Fleer cards - contents unknown.   I recalled that I may have picked up a wax box of these cards.   This would have been when I was 12, so I am not 100% certain.   I was hoping that I might be decently close to completing the set.   Sorted and recorded, here was the breakdown:

  • NEED 280/720 cards (therefore, 62% COMPLETE)
  • 110 duplicates

Hmmm.......what to do?   The good news is that I still need to retrieve one "Stars" binder from my folks' home.   It will certainly contain a few more cards that are currently missing (specifically, players with last names starting with "A" up through Gregg Olson) because I would have pulled the cards for the PC's in my binders.

So, it will get better, but it's still not as far along as I would have preferred.   You know what, though?   This is where my introduction to the blogosphere has been so wonderful.   Networking, support and generous, genuine interest from other collectors in my pursuits since returning to the hobby last year give me some hope.   I've already had several offers to help (Thanks to Foul BuntLost Collector and Condition Sensitive!) and wouldn't this be the ultimate victory over some unfinished 'junk wax' business? know what?

I also feel this way before I eat chicken wings.
 And off we go!   I've added this set to my lists, so feel free to look and see if you can unload some yellow kindling.   I promise it is going to a good home.   If anybody stumbles across another collector out there who managed to keep a bunch of '91 Fleers around, please let me know.

Thanks for reading and I will leave you with some of my favorite peculiar finds from this intoxicating (or toxic?) stack of wax goodness from 1991:

Please get well, Kid!
Great swing by the HOFer

Just doesn't look right
Should be in '12 Topps "Walk-Offs" Subset!

Where do the years go, Joe?   It's like looking at my old passport photo....

Sammy left in the dryer too long...


It's l ate and I'm too tired to rotate - please forgive me!


  1. Honestly, I really like those cards...

    1. I know, right? Who would have thought - perhaps I'm a bit partial now that I've decided to "get after it" but I came across a lot of great shots in this set. The front has a player's name, position and team. This isalways a PLUS in my book. The backs are loaded withe usual stats and the card #s are easy to read, too.

      Team Yellow!

  2. shoot me your address and I'll send what I can in a couple of days.

  3. I got about 90 or so 91 fleer you need, email me and i will get them to you

  4. That picture (Let's do this) is awesome.

  5. Man - I'm impressed. In my mind I'd always hated Fleer 91.

    From the photos you posted, at least - this set is much better than I ever thought. The yellow makes it look like kind of like an oddball set, but I don't think that's as bad after seeing the cards here.