Monday, February 20, 2012

Some 'Mo Citron In Chilled Pettini Glasses

Darren from "Potch Wheeler and the Cardboard Heroes" was one of the first bloggers I conducted a trade with as Reader Ryan last year and, whether he knows it or not, has played a big role in my jumping into the baseball card blogosphere pool.

Thank you, Darren.

He now also has the title of being my first completed trade partner as Blogger Ryan.   I had lucked into a Gypsy Queen relic that he needed and that matched up nicely with some NEEDS from set lists and, well - you guys know how it goes.   Here's what he sent:

Night Owl-Approved
Wait a second.....

"I love technology..."

Best.   Card.   Ever?   Yes.   Consider my '81 NEEDS list a little shorter and a lot less cooler now.   On to the '82's!

Ready to Launch
Mr. 478 Saves' RC

Angry Johnny?
Love, love, love these cards.   Hall of Famers and All-Stars, some not even shown here, were all over this assortment of '82s that were in GREAT shape.   Thank you, Darren!   But he wasn't done helping me out:

Pinstripe Smile Heritage Highlights
You will be mine SOON, Lineage!
In my best Canuck, "CHIPPAH!"

My Heritage, 2011 Lineage and 2012 Series 1 ALL received a little bit of help from Indiana Land.   But there was one more surprise, Citron Mo!

Job Well Done.
Stay thirsty, my friends!   Trade #1 for Ryan's Pitch is in the books.

Thank you for your generous help, Darren.   I feel like I got the better end of our deal but rest assured - I'll have my Pettini Goggles on as I scour the card-scape for the next Potch Batch.

Thanks for reading!                                      


  1. I have 4 of the 5 Lineage cards you need (106, 165, 171 and 186). Drop me a note and I am sure we can work out a little trade.


  2. Thanks for the great deal, Ryan.

    You're too kind, by the way.

    Love this hobby. I send some HoFers and Joe Pettini gets the lead spot. That's exactly how it should be. Definitely the more interesting card to look at of the lot!