Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bobble Relevance

Who doesn't love a bobblehead? Last season, a neighbor of mine shouted me down as I was playing with my kids in our cul-de-sac.

"Hey man, you like baseball, don't you?"

"Heck YES, I like baseball! How come?"

"I went to a Padres game while I was out in San Diego and I have this you want it?"

"Definitely! Thanks!"

Didn't care who it was or what it looked like.....I was ALL about a free bobblehead for my baseball memorabilia collection. Turns out, it was Mr. Chase Headley......hey, cool. I knew about Headley and figured this was a pretty solid pick-up. Of course, NOW we know that Chase has become the starting 3rd baseman for the Yankees! Woo-hoo! "#AddedValue", as @StaleGum would say.

The Padres were sure proud of Chase's accomplishments back in 2012 - and you can't blame them! He came out of nowhere and really tore it up, both at the plate and defensively that season. He ended up earning himself a nice paycheck, too.

Unfortunately, Headley's output took a dive last year and his woes have continued through the first half of '14.....which made him an ideal bargain for the drifting Yankees. Hoping that Chase can continue his post-ASG hot streak and regain his 2012 form, Cashman & Co. swapped farmhand Rafael DePaula and 1st-half hero, Yangervis Solarte for Mr. Headley.   Like the Nuno/McCarthy trade, I think this is a good gamble for the Bombers, who are trying to piece together ANY sort of path into the post season for The Captain.

We'll see how it goes, but for now, this guy will be haunting me from the corner of the Card Cave:


  1. Weird seeing Headley without the facial hair. And wearing pinstripes. And actually doing pretty well.

  2. Odd that it's touting his Gold Glove on the box and the statue, but he's batting!

  3. Do you still have the same email and address? Trying to send some cards your way

    1. 1332? Yep - you can definitely find me there! Thank you!