Monday, January 13, 2014

Upper Deck Fingers Combo

Not sure how this happened, but I've managed to gather up two different certified autographs of Rollie Fingers?

I wouldn't normally go after two autographs of a player, even a Hall of Fame hurler like Rollie.   The list is too long and the budget too tight for such redundancy…..but this was a mistake I could live with!   If anything, it makes for a great comparison of card designs and "types" of signatures.

I like both of these designs.   This Upper Deck "Retro" offering is certainly minimalistic, but I can respect that.   It's a classic mid-delivery action shot of the very colorful, vintage Athletics uniforms.   Bonus points for the contrast of Rollie's ON CARD (cartwheel!), blue ink and perfectly slanted signature across his legs.   Player's name, position and team at the bottom…..Boom.


Then there's this "Etchings" card.   It has the whole time machine motif going for it with the golden gears of baseball days of yore spinning all around a black and white mug shot of Mr. Fingers.   The picture is a little lacking in my opinion, but with Rollie Fingers - you get the 'stache no matter WHAT.

The (cut?) autographed piece of paper is recessed into the card for a very, VERY nice mounted effect.   Seriously, I love this, even though some might say that it is disqualified from the Hall of On Card.

What do you think?

I have a Darryl Strawberry autograph from this same set and I dig it, too.   I wonder who else is in this set?

Rollie's signature here is nothing short of gorgeous.   Like, almost Killebrew-worthy - although, Killer would've docked him for legibility of individual letters.  But I love it.

If I end up reducing one of my Fingers, I am thinking it might be the UD Retro version.

Which one would you guys keep for your HOF autograph collection?

Thanks for reading!

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