Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My First Zoilo!

In this Year of the Puig and season of distress for Yankee Nation, any bright spots for hope have been a much welcome occurrence.

Don't get me wrong, the Yanks are truly holding their own in what I consider to be the toughest division in baseball.   Considering the onslaught of injuries, slow recoveries and even setbacks for a majority of the traditional offensive producers - we're doing alright.

But it's still great to see a youngster come up through the system, report for duty and provide some excitement!   That's what Zoilo Almonte has done for the Bombers and I hope he gets a chance to continue as long as possible!

I was able to obtain my first card of Zoilo, this 2010 Topps minor league card.   Almonte is featured playing for the Yanks' Class A affiliate, the Charleston RiverDogs.   A team I desperately need to take a drive and go see!

The light is kind of poor to make out the foil print, but overall it's a really sharp, colorful card.   As you can see, Zoilo is a lefty, which will undoubtedly come in handy from time to time as long as he manages to see at-bats in Yankee Stadium.   The design is right in line with that used for the big league release but it's always a lot of fun to enjoy the minor league mascot logo's.   From my time in various places across the country, I've always found them to be a lot of fun and pretty imaginative.
Since being called up, Zoilo is batting .342 with a respectable .881 OPS.   He's only gone deep once but has scored four times and shown tremendous patience at the plate ( 2:1 K:BB) with a flair for clutch hitting, netting him 7 runs batted in.   As an extra bonus, he's also swiped 3 bags!

Here's the back of the card:

The offensive boost he's provided has been fantastic for our box scores but the intangible contribution of youthful excitement on a team of aging veterans and injury "fill-in's" has been a breath of fresh air.   I wonder if he'll be included in the Update Series from Topps?

Welcome to the Show, Zoilo and welcome to the Ryan's Pitch Yankees collection!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Cool card. I think I had it at some point but sent it off to be signed (don't think I ever got it back).