Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Great to Have That Feeling Again

It happened.

I've mentioned several times on this blog how I yearn for the collecting days of old when we were all excited to pull plain old cards - the cards we now refer to in our after thoughts as "base cards" - of the best players of the day, rookies or our favorite teams.

Granted, what you feel is completely within your own control so I feel somewhat silly saying that I miss feeling a certain way...but you guys probably know what I mean.   As expensive as cards are nowadays and as exciting as the 'hits' and inserts can be to pull, it's tough not to feel a tad bit shorted when you manage to avoid pulling anything beyond what's promised to you on the wrapper.

Forget that - check out this sweet card I pulled from an Allen & Ginter blaster!


I'm not even a Cubs fan but I am really excited to add my first card of Anthony Rizzo to my son's collection.   I'm building the base set for him (please see NEEDS & FOR TRADE list in the side bars) so I would have come across this card anyways - but we all know there's something special about pulling a card you were hoping for from a pack.   There's no signature.   There's no swatch of jersey.   But I still dig this card.

I had been following Rizzo, his minor league offensive numbers and his potential call-up to the parent club all season.   You already know I'm a Yankees and Braves fan.   Am I a prospector?   Nah, but I AM playing fantasy baseball for the first time ever.   And loving it!   It has caused me to have some strange feelings:

"Okay.   Soriano just gave up a run.   That's he's eligible for the Save."

Twisted, right?   Yeah, it's weird but I'm enjoying the depth to which I've taken a dive back into the sport as a fan.   I haven't had a knowledge of current MLB players and their skills this comprehensive since I had recess five days a week.   And it feels great.   Mike & Mike in the morning on the drive to work?   Not new friends are Scott, Adam and Cory - every morning on XM 87.   They fuel the statistical and fantasy sports fire.   The Roto Experts they're called.   I'm pretty sure Mrs. Ryan's Pitch thinks my brain has gone a little "roto"....but such are the tests of champions (wink).

WHOA - I've gone off course.   Let's bring 'er back.......

So I managed to pick up Rizzo in one of my two leagues as the moment approached for his call-up.   He came up and has really been a much-needed source of joy for Cubbies fans everywhere.  He represents the future and potential greatness: key ingredients as north-siders and Cubs fans everywhere await redemption.   For me, he's helped out my fantasy roster when I've dropped him into the line-up, so the guy's become a favorite for me as well (as long as it's not against my Braves!).

So I knew about him, followed him in the news and was aware that he had cards in this year's sets.   I hadn't seen one yet......but then, there it was!   Seriously, an actual "SWEET! A Rizzo!" escaped me as I thumbed through the freshly busted pack.    AH, sweet cardboard time machine.   Again - no ink, piece of clothing or fractorization required.

This Rizzo base card will probably not put my kid through college (cause it will be HIS after all, big daddy - duh).   There will be millions of them in gem mint condition in 40 years.......but for now, I am really stoked to have this card of a great ball player who may become an enduring star for the Chicago Cubs.   Oh yeah - here's the back!

Card #270: "Batting One Hundred Forty One" - Not Anymore.

And THAT is what this hobby is all about for me.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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